Understanding the Bible
A Bible Comprehension Course

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"What is life?" - "What are we?" - "Why are we here?" - "Where are we heading?" - "What is it all about?" - "Does life have a purpose?"

The Bible claims to provide the answers to these questions, beginning from before any physical matter existed up to after it all finishes.

Although the Bible is a collection of books by various writers over numerous years, it is not a jumble of disjointed documents thrown together under one cover. There is an underlying theme throughout the book: God's purpose behind creation, His strategy to accomplish it, Satan's persistent attempts to thwart it and how God finally accomplishes it.

The Bible is like an unfolding drama having an idyllic start quickly shattered by evil. An ongoing conflict ensues which eventually reaches a crucial climax. Virtue prevails and the end is just and good.

Even though it is like a drama it is not written as fiction. The writers claim to be stating facts.

Course Details

This course is aimed at providing an overall understanding of the Bible, showing how it all harmonises - without going into a lot of detail. It aims to tell it as the Bible says it. It is not trying to prove the Bible. The lessons concentrate on trying to help people to understand what the Bible is all about.

However we will gladly consider any questions you might ask on the authenticity of the documents that make up the Bible.

Klick here for information on the historical authenticity of the Bible documents
or write to us for our free leaflet: Fact Sheet 01"THE DOCUMENTS"

If you want to have an overall understanding of the Bible, this could be the course for you.

The Format

There are 10 units with the following headings:-

1  THE BIG ISSUE            The Beginning.
3  GOD SELECTS A FAMILY     Abraham to Joseph.
4  GOD PREPARES A NATION    Moses to Joshua.
6  THE DIVIDED KINGDOM      Solomon to the Dissolution

                            of the Nation.
7  GOD CLEANSES THE NATION  The Captivity to the Golden Years.
8  HE ARRIVES!              The Messiah Enthroned.
9  THE OUTCOME              God's Purpose Accomplished.
10 SUMMARY                  From Eternity to Eternity.

Reading Matter

The units have lists of suggested readings. So you will need a copy of the Bible but you do not need any other books to complete this course.

You can use almost any of the well known popular translations of the Bible. But we would advise you not to use paraphrases. Paraphrase like "The Good News Bible" are not suitable for this kind of study.

Test Questions

The questions at the end of each unit are phrased so as to promote thought. As purpose of this course is designed to increase understanding, the questions have been purposefully framed with that in mind.

Keys to each unit

We give our answers in the next unit.. If you need further help do e-mail us. We want this course to be as beneficial as possible.

Useful References

The list sof Bible references at the end of each unit are for those who want to do further study.

We use abbreviated Bible references. These abbreviations are explained in the first unit. This knowledge will also be useful to you when you read books which refer to passages in the Bible.


You may copy the the units. All we ask is that they are copied as they are, including the copyright notice and that they are not sold.

No financial gain may be made from these units and the text must not be altered without our permission.


We are grateful to all who have helped us in the preparation of this course. We pray that through this work the Lord will be glorified.

© 2000 Jama'at Al_Masih
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